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The Guardian OLP in Pre-Press

The Guardian OLP provides pre-press technicians with an invaluable tool to help ensure that the best possible product is shipped to your customer.

Deviations can occur between the customer-approved one-up electronic artwork and the final electronic file for plates. Problems like formatting changes or font substitutions are hard to catch, even if your pre-press process is largely automated. Did the customer send the same font with that file as was printed on their approved proof? These small changes can have a big impact, possibly even leading to a customer return of product, so why leave it up to chance?

The Guardian OLP works by comparing the one-up, customer-approved proof to the modified or stepped electronic file at any point in pre-press. The customer-approved document can be a print sample or electronic file, and since the Guardian OLP doesn’t make any changes to this file, you can be certain you’re inspecting against exactly what the customer wants. Press samples can be scanned in within only a few seconds using the supplied scanner, or a production file can be imported. The sample can be 1-up or multi-up.

It only takes a few clicks to set up the inspection itself. The Guardian OLP can automatically detect repeats in the sample, and will use the master to inspect each of those repeats. Once inspection is done, the system will highlight any differences between the master and the sample for the pre-press technician to review so they can make corrections as needed. Finally, the system outputs a secure PDF report of the inspection, which includes master and defect images, a log of operator actions, and all the settings used for the inspection.

Because it ensures that you’re sending complete, accurate jobs to press, inspection with the Guardian OLP becomes an important part of any production workflow. For more information on this system’s other benefits, please see below.

The Guardian OLP in the Pressroom

The Guardian OLP in the Pressroom

The Guardian OLP provides press operators with an invaluable tool to help ensure that you’re shipping the best possible product.

Once a job reaches the pressroom, it would be nice to think that nothing will go wrong. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Preventative measures are the most efficient at protecting you from the liability associated with shipping bad product because they stop costly errors before they happen. This is where the Guardian OLP comes in.

Before the press run, the Guardian OLP is used for revision control and job sign-off. By comparing the press samples to the customer-approved master, the system helps guarantee (and creates a report as an audit trail) that the right version of the job is being sent to press. After initial job setup on press, the Guardian OLP can also be used to perform first article inspection, which will help assure that the print quality matches the customer-approved artwork. The Guardian OLP can also be used to perform periodic sample inspection throughout the run and at the end of a roll. Finally, the system can provide a certificate of inspection report, part of the secure audit trail that will protect your company from liability.

These inspections typically only take a few seconds to perform, and can be set up with only a few clicks. The Guardian OLP was designed to be fast and easy to use to assure that there is no interruption in the production process.

These are only a few of the features that the Guardian OLP has to offer. For more information on its complete capabilities, see below.

Reduce Liability with Defect Reporting and Secure Audit Trail

Reduce Liability with Defect Reporting and Secure Audit Trail

If defective product is shipped, it costs the company in time, money, reputation, and possibly a customer. A complete and secure audit trail and reporting system is essential for any company concerned about protecting themselves from liability and ensuring the best quality possible.

The Guardian OLP can provide a high level of protection for any company through optional 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliance. This means the system offers a secure login for administrators, managers and operators, and provides a complete, secure log of operator action.

At the end of an inspection, the Guardian OLP system provides two complete reports which can be used as Certificates of Inspection.

The primary PDF report includes complete job information including job number, file name and location, test date and time, systems settings, operator name, defect count and an image of the master and test. Each defect not accepted by the operator is listed with information on defect size and includes an image of the defect next to an image of the corresponding master location.

The seconds PDF report is secure and password protected and includes the same information as the primary report, but includes details and images on all defects found by the system whether accepted by the operator or not.

These reports help protect your company from the steep costs associated with returned product. For more information on how the Guardian OLP can help improve your bottom line, see below.

The Guardian OLP as a Software License

The Guardian OLP as a Software License/h4>

The Guardian OLP system is now provided in three standard installation configurations: Complete Installation, Standard OLP Machine License, and Concurrent OLP License.

The complete installation includes a high power, industrial PC capable of withstanding even the most demanding production environments. A flatbed and/or feed-through scanner is also provided with the system, according to the application requirements.

PC Industries license-based configurations are an economical option for companies who already have computers or servers that meet the required specifications for the software. The Standard OLP Machine License allows for the Guardian OLP to be installed and used on one computer and accessed by one user at that computer’s location. Additional licenses can be purchased for extra machines, provided the hardware meets the OLP required specifications. The Standard OLP License does not a user to access the OLP software from a remote location.

The final configuration is the Concurrent OLP License. With this license, the Guardian OLP software is installed on a network server. It can be accessed from any computer that can log in to the server on which the OLP software is installed. This means that the OLP can be used anywhere, from inside the same building to anywhere around the globe. Simultaneous users are allowed equal to the number of licenses purchased.

The Guardian OLP licenses are a cost-effective pre-press proofing and inspection solution that can fit well into nearly any production environment. For more information on the other benefits the Guardian OLP can bring your company, see below.

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