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February 2015 Monthly Focus: GV Web Viewers

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PC Industries hopes everyone is having a great year so far. 2015 is proving to be a great year for us, starting off last month with the announcement of two brand new systems, the Guardian LSI Full Web Inspection System and the Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro Advanced Web Viewer with Spectrophotometer.

This month, we’re featuring our entire line of Graphic-Vision® web viewers. As some of the most established, reliable, and easy to use web viewers on the market, we’re certain we have the system to fit your web viewing needs. Read below for more information.

Monthly Focus: Web Viewers

Established in 1992, the Graphic-Vision® line of web viewers is PC Industries original vision system. After 23 years of continuous development, the Graphic-Vision® systems have grown into the most reliable, user friendly, and capable web viewers on the market. The Graphic-Vision® 500 Series are PC Industries 5th generation of web viewer system.

Offered in 4 system configurations, the Graphic-Vision® 500 Series provides companies a variety of economical web viewing solutions based on their needs. All systems ship standard with high-resolution cameras, long lasting LED lighting, and bar code decoding capabilities and a standard 2 year warranty.

To learn more about the extended capabilities of each of these systems, click below:
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  • GV510– Digital Web Viewer with Manual Traverse
    Manually positionable camera with multiple fields of view available for narrow and wide web applications
  • GV520– Digital Web Viewer with Automatic Lateral Traverse
    Remote controlled camera positioning with extra wide fields of view and synchronized dual camera options
  • GV530– Digital Web Viewer with Advanced Positioning Capability
    Remote controlled camera with a programmable traverse that automatically scans between regions of interest. Extended fields of view and multiple camera options are available
  • GV-SPECTRO– Digital Web Viewer with Spectrophotometer
    All the power of the GV530, plus absolute color measurement and real-time reporting.

February InfoBYTE

Each month we present a new bit of trivia, some industry related, some not, that we call an InfoByte. You can check out previous InfoBytes in our newsletter archive.

This month’s InfoByte contains some facts about the eariest surviving camera photograph.

The First Photograph (View from the Window at Le Gras), as its called at the University of Texas at Austin’s Harry Ransom Center, was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. The result of a joint effort of him and his brother Claude, this experiment took 10 years to develop, mostly due to the fact that they invested the majority of their time into developing an early combustion engine. The actaul date the photograph was taken is unknown, but was sometime in 1826 or 1827.

An image of the first photgraph, along with more information the process Joseph Nicéphore Niépce used, can be found on the University of Texas at Austin’s website here.

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PC Industries has been serving the printing and converting industry since 1975, providing the widest and most complete line of print inspection systems and equipment. All of our products are proudly made in the USA. Our history of quality and innovation makes us the clear choice for on-line and off-line print verification.

PC Industries


Guardian Inspection Systems
•  PQV-100% Inspection
•  OLP-PDF Proofreading
•  Mini-Low Cost Inspection
•  LSI- Full Web Inspection

Graphic-Vision Web Viewers

•  GV510-Manual Traverse
•  GV520-Automatic Traverse
•  GV530-Automatic Traverse with Programmed Positioning
•  GV-SPECTRO- Spectrophotometer and Web Viewer

Code-Tracker Barcode Verification

•  CT200-Verification

Repeat Length Monitors

•  LM400-Length Monitoring

Register Control

•  RC400- Register Control
•  ELS/MLS400-Reregister Control

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Printing inspection for Quality Control

Any company that needs to print in bulk will find it beneficial to have a printing inspection process in place. A printing inspection system can provide the quality control and assurance your business needs to minimize errors. This is especially true when large volume web offset printing is used. Finding the best printing inspection system will guarantee consistent results while enhancing your professional image through error reduction.

The printing press operates at a very high speed and irregularities in production are possible. Instead of hoping for the best results, it is wise to invest in printing inspection software and equipment. This will provide you with the accuracy you need to have the perfect printing results on a consistent basis. Even if you have manual inspection in place, room for error still exists. There is no benefit to taking a cheap alternative and using printing inspection services will be the greatest decision you can make.

The Solution

The solution to printing inspection is advanced technology that will integrate with your web rewinder or printing press to deliver exceptional results. This technology will catch any errors in time before they are printed in bulk. An integration of cameras, web viewers, and high tech software can create the solution you need for accurate printing. Get the consistent and accurate results you need when you opt to add printing inspection technology into your processes. You can find these systems available online at competitive prices. The best part is that after you have invested one time, you can feel confident knowing that you will have the use of your system as long as you need it.

A printing inspection system offers several advantages including ease of use and operation and more control over the end result. You can enjoy having the peace of mind knowing that all of your printing is coming out as planned. Detecting errors prior to printing is the job of printing inspection systems and this can be done at a relatively cost effective price. The one time investment will be well worth it in the end.

Print inspection systems provide the advanced technological solutions you need to enhance your printing process. Whether you have implemented a manual or automatic system, you will see immediate results. Get the help you need by investing in the best systems right away.

Domino N610i digital UV inkjet label press @ Computype, featuring PC Industries Inspection Systems

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