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LM 400 – Repeat Length Measurement and Monitoring System

It’s not uncommon for flexible packaging printers to encounter problems with their substrate as a result of the tension that occurs on a typical press run. Whether on film, paper, or foil, tension or pressure on the substrate can cause the material to stretch or shift, resulting in misaligned print, faulty die-cuts, and other misprints that can lead to wasted time and product.

The solution to unstable press runs

The LM 400 system monitors repeat length on press runs to help minimize the effects of substrate shifting and stretching. The system alerts the operator when a run trends out-of-spec so they can take corrective action.

LM 400: your ally to monitor web stability

PC Industries has developed the LM 400 Repeat Length Monitoring and Measurement System which provides high performance measurement and reporting for a stable press run. The system is calibrated by the operator and measurements are given in thousands of an inch or millimeters. During the run, the system measures the repeat of a moving web and displays real-time graphical representation of the web stretch. Tolerances can be set, and the system can alert the operator before web shift becomes critical. A report file is generated with all measured repeat lengths, facilitating database use.

The LM 400 is an affordable, easy to install length monitor system that adapts to any machine.

Guardian LSI – Entry Level, Full Web Inspection

For budget-conscious companies investing in inspection equipment for the first time, full featured, 100% inspection systems can be perceived as a substantial investment.

Jump start into full web inspection for little investment

Over the past years, inspection equipment has become a more affordable tool for print quality improvement thanks to a decreasing price of technology and increased hardware capabilities. The Guardian LSI has been developed in this spirit. It is the perfect system for starting and growing companies which want to step up from sampling web viewers to an affordable, entry-level, full web inspection.

Guardian LSI: robust print quality control

The Guardian LSI system detects and highlights typical defects such as streaking, ink splashes and spots, haze, registration errors, filled or missed print, missing labels, and unremoved matrix. By alerting the operator of defects automatically and immediately, the costs of printing defective products are minimized, ensuring continuous and measurable quality, customer satisfaction, and a rapid ROI.

Upgrade effortlessly to more powerful inspection

For companies looking to upgrade at a later date, the Guardian LSI is part of PC Industries trade-in program, allowing an easy way to step up from basic inspection to a more powerful, full featured inspection system like the Guardian PQV.

FTA Info*FLEX 2016

FTA Info*FLEX 2016

Info*FLEX was a great trade show again this year. It attracted nearly 2,000 visitors to Fort Worth to participate in the show and Info*FLEX Forum seminars. Over two days, professionals presented tools necessary to support successful package printing and converting operations, while benefiting from intensive networking and live demonstrations of running machinery.

PCI showcased two of their popular products, the Guardian OLP and GV-Spectro. The Guardian OLP yielded great interest from visitors as it provides a complete off-line proofing and inspection solution that helps operators control even the smallest pre-press and pressroom mistakes.

The GV-Spectro – an in-line absolute color measurement system – combines the advanced capabilities of a web viewer with a powerful spectrophotometer. It monitors the web and color values in-line, even at high speed.

In addition to the presented products, many customers and visitors were interested in talking about PC Industries’ capabilities in higher level print inspection applications, including dimensional gauging and variable data verification.

Jack and Gerry would like to thank all visitors who stopped by our booth, and we look forward to next year’s Info*FLEX in Phoenix, Arizona!

We’re keeping up our busy year of attending shows, make sure to visit us at the following exhibitions!

  • Converters Expo, Green Bay, WI – April 13, 14 2016
  • Label Summit Latin America 2016, Cartagena, Colombia – April 26, 27 2016
  • Label Day, Toronto, Canada – May 10 2016
  • Label Expo Americas 2016, Chicago, USA – September 13, 14, 15 2016

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