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April 2016 Monthly Focus: LM400

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Spring season has just started, and a busy period of trade shows awaits us! PC Industries opened the season with Info*FLEX in Fort Worth, Texas. Read further below for more details on the show.

This month, we will also explore how the LM 400 system – Repeat Length Monitoring system – helps improve web stability, and how printers can afford full web inspection despite low investment capabilities.

FTA Info*FLEX 2016

This year’s Info*FLEX was a great show as usual, and attracted nearly 2,000 visitors from the region of Fort Worth, Texas, and the south-east.

PC Industries was present and showcased its Guardian OLP and GV-Spectro systems.

Click here to read about the show.

Guardian LSI – Entry Level, Full Web Inspection

Investing in a full web inspection system can seem daunting for companies who need automatic inspection capabilities on their production lines. PC Industries has developed the Guardian LSI to address this issue, allowing growing companies to address basic inspection needs now, and giving them a path to step up to fuller featured inspection as their business expands.

Click here to learn more about the Guardian LSI for your inspection needs.

LM 400 – Repeat Length Measurement and Monitoring

When printing on flexible packaging substrates, press runs can become unstable due to stretching or shifting of the substrate. This can cause unintended print quality errors. The LM 400 system minimizes this problem by monitoring repeat length on press runs and alerting operators when jobs trend out of spec. The system allows operators to easily monitor the web repeat and take corrective action to prevent waste product.  

Click here to learn more about the LM 400.

May 2016 InfoBYTE

For this month’s InfoBYTE, we will look into some pieces of trivia about cameras.

  1. 3D scanners, just like cameras, have cone-like field of view, and they can only collect information about surfaces that are not obscured. Source
  2. The Smithsonian has been using 3D scanners to scan and archive its artifacts, and then released the designs online for people to download and print.
    Source  |  Source
  3. The first digital camera was designed in December 1975 by Kodak’s engineer Steve Sasson. Source
  4. 12 Hasselblad cameras have been left on the surface of the moon after the Apollo 11 mission. They had to leave the Hasselblads behind to be able to carry the extra lunar rock sample weight back to earth. Source

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PC Industries has been serving the printing and converting industry since 1975, providing the most complete line of print inspection and quality control systems and equipment. All of our products are proudly made in the USA. Our history of innovation and customer support makes us the clear choice for on-line and off-line print verification.

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Guardian Inspection Systems
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•  OLP-PDF Proofreading
•  MINI-Customizable Inspection
•  LSI- Full Web Inspection

Graphic-Vision Web Viewers

•  GV510-Manual Traverse
•  GV520-Automatic Traverse
•  GV530-Automatic Traverse with Programmed Positioning
•  GV-Spectro- Spectrophotometer and Web Viewer

Code-Tracker Barcode Verification

•  CT200-Verification

Repeat Length Monitors

•  LM400-Length Monitoring

Register Control

•  RC400- Register Control
•  ELS/MLS400-Reregister Control

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