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August 2016 Monthly Focus: Label Expo and 100% Print Inspection

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Label Expo Americas is set to launch in a few weeks, and we look forward to seeing you there! 

In this month's Newsletter, we will explore why some inspection systems require reducing the defect sensitivity in order to continue providing 100% inspection at higher speed. We hope this information will provide an insight into the systems that can help you achieve your goal of combining excellent print quality and high productivity.

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Countdown to Label Expo Americas 2016


How to achieve accurate and consistent 100% inspection across all speed ranges

Did you know some 100% inspection systems decrease sensitivity at higher web or sheet speeds?

This means that these systems are allowing larger defects to pass when operating at higher speeds. Accurately inspecting the web from zero speed to high-speed without accepting larger defects is possible with the right combination of inspection system elements.
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InfoBYTE - A bit of Trivia

As the Olympic Games in Rio are winding down, we offer some facts for you to shine at the next Trivia night!
  1. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was formed and began planning the 1896 Athens Games, the first modern Olympic game. 
  2. The ancient Olympic Games of Greece were banned in 394 AD because they were linked to paganism. 
  3. Baron Pierre de Coubertin was the co-founder of the modern Olympic Games and created the Official Olympic Flag in 1914. 
  4. The Rio Olympics are the first time the games have been in South America. 
  5. The United States has won more medals (2,189) at the Summer Games than any other country.


How to achieve accurate and consistent 100% inspection across all speed ranges

With many manufacturers providing standardized one-size-fits-all inspection systems, catching defects on a higher speed web or sheet often comes with compromises. When running at the highest speeds, standardized systems will often hit a limit in inspection and processing capability. These systems have no choice but to lower sensitivity and allow the passage of larger defects in order to maintain speed. Unfortunately, the printer may not realize their 100% inspection is not providing accurate or consistent defect detection. This can be one result of selecting an inspection system that hasn’t been configured for a printer’s specific application requirements or equipment.

The four key components to reliable high speed inspection


How can you find out which 100% inspection systems will provide consistent defect size detection throughout the full speed range without decreasing sensitivity? First of all, your inspection system provider should include technical specifications for their system along with a written performance guaranty. In addition, four key components of the inspection system should be selected to meet the requirements of your application, integrate seamlessly in your process, and provide you with reliable and accurate inspection. These components are:

  • High performance cameras
  • High quality LED lighting
  • Robust fully developed inspection algorithms
  • Powerful computer processing

High-Speed HD cameras and powerful LED lighting work in unison to capture high resolution images of the web or sheet. If either the lighting or the camera are not specified for the full range of your application requirements, the captured image will be lower in quality, especially at higher speeds. Starting with a less than perfect image will result in a less than perfect inspection.

If the image quality is excellent, then it’s up to the systems software and computer processing to complete the inspection.
The inspection system’s software algorithms should be developed to handle the demands of high speed 100% print inspection, along with any added bar code or variable data verification if required. A powerful processor selected for your unique application requirements will ensure that the system can detect and highlight defects accurately.

An inspection system correctly configured for the requirements of your application will accurately and consistently detect defects at high speeds without a variance of defect size. Achieving the high productivity you need without compromising your inspection process is an important step towards satisfying your customers and growing your business!

Eliminate the inspection compromise between small defect size and high-speed


If you are looking for a system that performs at the highest speeds while guaranteeing a consistent minimum defect size, the Guardian PQV 100% Inspection System is the perfect solution to improve your quality and help your business. Click on the button below to discover all the Guardian PQV’s capabilities.

Accuracy is critical to make the most out of your quality control investment and reap process and productivity benefits. PC Industries’ systems are designed to provide that accuracy. We are committed to understanding your application requirements and providing a 100% inspection solution that meets your needs today while providing performance growth for the future.

We will be present at Label Expo Americas at booth 1411 in Rosemont, IL from the 13th to the 15th of September. You can request a consultation during the show by clicking the button below.

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