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PC Industries Acquired by Baldwin


High speed 100% inspection technology added to core Web Process Control solutions

PC Industries is pleased to announce that as of September 13, 2017 we have joined Baldwin Technology Company, a $160M world leader in providing process automation solutions, consumables and services to the print, textile and film industries.

Baldwin currently employs over 731 people at its company locations worldwide, and is a part of Barry-Wehmiller Company, a $2.6B manufacturing and services company. The Barry-Wehmiller companies bring technology, innovation, and performance to a diverse platform of industries, including packaging, paper, converting, sheeting, corrugating, engineering, and IT consulting.

“The integration of PC Industries will add scale to our Vision business by opening up new customer opportunities and enhancing our ability to provide further capabilities to our existing customers,” said Brent Becker, CEO of Baldwin. “Baldwin’s global sales and service platform will allow PC Industries to expand its reach. The combination of their expertise in print quality verification and process data, and our expertise in process control will enhance our opportunities to provide the next level of fully automated closed loop process control.”

PC Industries will partner closely with the Baldwin Technology Company, Web Printing Controls, to expand and develop both product lines of robust process automation and quality control technologies for the Narrow and Wide Web markets. This partnership will leverage the combined knowledge base to improve what is already world class technical sales and support.

PC Industries is the fourth acquisition in Baldwin’s growing family of companies since Baldwin joined Barry-Wehmiller in 2012. Baldwin will continue to seek add-on acquisitions, with a focus on companies that manufacture process-automation equipment, components and consumables for the printing, packaging and other industrial segments around the world.

By bringing in new expertise, Baldwin will create a solid and stable foundation of technology, knowledge, and service from which the entire family of companies will benefit. PC Industries couldn’t be more excited to join the Baldwin family, and leverage the global set of resources and experience to further support our customers.

For more than 42 years, PC Industries has supported the printing, pharmaceutical, label, and security industries with high quality, technically advanced quality improvement solutions and unparalleled customer support. Since the early 1980’s, they have focused on developing some of the most advanced and reliable print inspection systems on the market. They offer a wide variety of print inspection solutions, tailored to address quality control issues from pre-press and throughout print production. They develop easy-to-use systems that fit seamlessly into the production process, either off-line or in-line.

Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of process-automation equipment and related consumables for the printing, packaging and other industrial segments, including technical textiles, chip and fiberboard, and film extrusion. Through their global footprint, Baldwin offers its customers a broad range of market-leading technologies, products and systems that enhance the quality of industrial-produced products, with a focus on improving the economic and environmental efficiency of the production process. As a total solutions provider, Baldwin not only offers new equipment to its customers, but also dedicates extensive resources to maintaining and servicing existing equipment. Baldwin is privately owned by BW Forsyth Partners, a Barry-Wehmiller company. For more information, please visit

Baldwin expands global platform with the acquisition of QuadTech, Inc.

Partnership creates vision and inspection print technology powerhouse.
ST. LOUIS – Dec. 8, 2017 – Baldwin Technology Company Inc.—a world leader in providing process automation solutions, consumables and services for the print, packaging, textile and corrugated industries—has acquired QuadTech, Inc., from its parent company, Quad/Graphics. With this acquisition, Baldwin adds all of QuadTech’s highly regarded technology and strategic locations across the Americas, Europe, China, Japan and India.

QuadTech is a global leader in the design and manufacture of control systems that help commercial, newspaper, packaging and publication gravure printers improve their performance and productivity. Headquartered in Sussex, Wisconsin (USA), QuadTech maintains a worldwide network of sales and service operations, and sells automated systems in more than 100 countries.

Baldwin will strategically unite QuadTech with two of its existing divisions—Web Printing Controls and PC Industries—creating a global platform that will operate as Baldwin Vision Systems. The resulting combination of businesses and technology will represent the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio available for print process automation, inspection and related services. Karl Fritchen, current QuadTech President, will lead the new Baldwin segment, which brings together the best and brightest global talent and capabilities in the industry. Product technologies will span closed-loop automation for registration, inking, color management, web handling and 100 percent inspection for the commercial, newspaper, labels, packaging, converting and publication gravure industries.

“The combination of products and expertise held within both companies will enable us to reach areas of the market we were unable to reach individually,” commented Fritchen. “From an international operations and market perspective, each party’s strengths are highly complementary. This is definitely a situation where we can accomplish much more together than we could have as independent companies.”

“QuadTech will serve as a catalyst for the formation of our new Baldwin Vision Systems segment, which will greatly enhance Baldwin’s ability to provide an even more comprehensive automation portfolio for our customers around the world,” said Brent Becker, President and CEO of Baldwin. “Together, we provide our customers an unmatched portfolio in commercial and newspaper automation, and I am very excited about
the additional capabilities we will gain in the packaging markets. The work QuadTech has done recently on color within the packaging market clearly places us as the industry leader, and we have aggressive plans to build upon that position. I fully expect that our combined global presence, coupled with a new tiered product offering, will position the company to further satisfy our customers’ needs in an even larger geographical area.”

QuadTech is Baldwin’s fifth acquisition since joining the BW Forsyth Partners family of companies in 2012, and the fourth completed in 2017.

“We are thrilled to partner with the QuadTech team, as this investment underscores our continued commitment to a strategy that blends organic and acquisition growth to enhance our global footprint, advance the technology and service we can deliver to our customers, and cultivate our unique culture of care and collaboration,” said Kyle Chapman, Founder and Managing Director of BW Forsyth Partners. “We will continue to support Baldwin’s strategy execution, as the team seeks opportunities to expand the company’s reach into new industries and new geographic markets, increasing solutions for customers.”

For further information, please contact:
Brent Becker, President and CEO

Baldwin Technology Company Inc. is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of process-automation equipment and related consumables for the printing, packaging and other industrial segments, including technical textiles, chip and fiberboard, and film extrusion. Through our global footprint, Baldwin offers our customers a broad range of market-leading technologies, products and systems that enhance the quality of ndustrial-produced products, with a focus on improving the economic and environmental efficiency of the production process. As a total solutions provider, Baldwin not only offers new equipment to our customers, but also dedicates extensive resources to maintaining and servicing existing equipment. Baldwin is privately owned by BW Forsyth Partners, a Barry-Wehmiller company. For more, please visit


BW Forsyth Partners is the investment arm of multibillion-dollar global manufacturing and engineering consulting firm Barry-Wehmiller. Established in 2009, BW Forsyth Partners blends Barry-Wehmiller’s unparalleled legacy of value creation and people-centric culture development with keen investing experience to help companies realize their true potential. With a focus limited to areas known well, BW Forsyth Partners seeks to partner with leadership teams to acquire small- to middle-market companies in the capital and component equipment, and professional services sectors. In each of our operating companies, BW Forsyth Partners deploys operational improvements and strategy development without compromising the autonomy, strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit of their leadership teams. For more information, visit

March 2017: PC Industries at Converters Expo, Green Bay

Visit us at Converters Expo

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Lambeau Field
March 22-23, 2017
Table 26

Dear *|FNAME|*

PC Industries will be exhibiting at Converters Expo in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The show will be taking place once again at the historic Lambeau Field, but we’re sending a filthy Bears fan to run our table.


Gerry looks forward to seeing you there.

Converters Expo Exclusive:
10% discount on our Guardian OLP System for any order
placed by April 31st

This year’s sold out venue features excellent networking opportunities for converters and all related industries, including labeling, packaging, paper, film, nonwoven, pharmaceutical, and carton. Join us for the opening reception on March 22nd then check out the exhibits on March 23rd. PC Industries will be located at table 26.

Come talk about your inspection needs to a man who, we swear, has better taste in inspection systems than football teams. We look forward to seeing you there!

PC Industries SystemsAbout PC Industries

PC Industries manufactures print quality inspection systems for use in the pharma, converting, printing, and packaging industries. Their systems are backed by a 42+ year history of design innovation, and world class customer support.

Holly Poplawski
Packers Fan
Graphic Design and Marketing

PC Industries

Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro Feature Updates

The GV-Spectro is More than Just Color Measurement and Reporting

Color Measurement, Spectrophotometer

Debuting in mid 2014, the Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro had a great reception in the industry as demand for inline and absolute color measurement is on the rise. Undergoing continuous development in those two years, there have been many new features introduced that have kept this system an industry leader in both performance and innovation. The GV-Spectro still offers the most accurate real-time color measurement and reporting available on the market. Paired with advanced, programmable positioning capabilities, the system is simply a staple for any printer looking for the most efficient way to get the most accurate color measurements from their press.

The newest GV-Spectro has improved system performance and efficiency without impacting the bottom line. Along with improved hardware specifications, the system now offers dot gain measurement and tracking, off-line setup, job management, and higher speed capabilities.

Spectrophotometer Screen ShotDot Gain Measurement and Tracking

The GV-Spectro supports up to 50 dot gain measurements, which require measuring the substrate once, as well as a solid and tint of the same color.  A min and max value can be set and will be charted and displayed exactly like the ∆E and Density measurements.

For more information on dot gain, click here

Off-line Setup

Graphic-Vision Spectro Offline Setup

  • Easily configure Step and Repeat image files (PDF/TIF/BMP) with up to 50 measurement points. Simply click and drag markers to the required areas.
  • Use the configured Step & Repeat file to automatically configure the Measurement Program. Note: Unique points are required in order to map the positions correctly.
  • Import CXF3 color library file containing the ‘standard’ color values & density for the measurement points, and easily link to the measurement position.
    • Default values can be set
    • ∆E & Density tolerances are configurable per position
    • If CXF3 color library is unavailable, manual input of ‘Standard’ color values & density can be used


Job Management

  • Measurement data is saved in two formats: CXF3 & CSV.
    • CXF3 = Complete group or each measurement
    • CSV = Each color L.a.b, density & remission data.
  • Measurement data is time stamped and can be configured to save to a specific location.
  • Job Files store complete job information, including measurement positions, color values, and densities. They can be easily recalled for subsequent job runs:
    • Stored on the network and shared with multiple systems
    • Recalled for modifications to positions and color value

High Speed

up to 900fpm where sample color blocks of 10mm x 10mm or larger are available (I have no idea if this is right atm)

LM 400 – Repeat Length Measurement and Monitoring System

It’s not uncommon for flexible packaging printers to encounter problems with their substrate as a result of the tension that occurs on a typical press run. Whether on film, paper, or foil, tension or pressure on the substrate can cause the material to stretch or shift, resulting in misaligned print, faulty die-cuts, and other misprints that can lead to wasted time and product.

The solution to unstable press runs

The LM 400 system monitors repeat length on press runs to help minimize the effects of substrate shifting and stretching. The system alerts the operator when a run trends out-of-spec so they can take corrective action.

LM 400: your ally to monitor web stability

PC Industries has developed the LM 400 Repeat Length Monitoring and Measurement System which provides high performance measurement and reporting for a stable press run. The system is calibrated by the operator and measurements are given in thousands of an inch or millimeters. During the run, the system measures the repeat of a moving web and displays real-time graphical representation of the web stretch. Tolerances can be set, and the system can alert the operator before web shift becomes critical. A report file is generated with all measured repeat lengths, facilitating database use.

The LM 400 is an affordable, easy to install length monitor system that adapts to any machine.

Guardian LSI – Entry Level, Full Web Inspection

For budget-conscious companies investing in inspection equipment for the first time, full featured, 100% inspection systems can be perceived as a substantial investment.

Jump start into full web inspection for little investment

Over the past years, inspection equipment has become a more affordable tool for print quality improvement thanks to a decreasing price of technology and increased hardware capabilities. The Guardian LSI has been developed in this spirit. It is the perfect system for starting and growing companies which want to step up from sampling web viewers to an affordable, entry-level, full web inspection.

Guardian LSI: robust print quality control

The Guardian LSI system detects and highlights typical defects such as streaking, ink splashes and spots, haze, registration errors, filled or missed print, missing labels, and unremoved matrix. By alerting the operator of defects automatically and immediately, the costs of printing defective products are minimized, ensuring continuous and measurable quality, customer satisfaction, and a rapid ROI.

Upgrade effortlessly to more powerful inspection

For companies looking to upgrade at a later date, the Guardian LSI is part of PC Industries trade-in program, allowing an easy way to step up from basic inspection to a more powerful, full featured inspection system like the Guardian PQV.

Benefits Of Label Inspection Systems

If you are like most companies, you rely heavily on labels. Whether you manufacture food, toiletries or any number of products, you need to have proper names on them, telling customers what they get. However, it is also important that these labels be accurate, meaning you may want to consider label inspection systems for your manufacturing process. There are many problems that the system can help with, including validation, presence and more.


In many cases, you will want to use two labels for each product for the back and front. Many times, these can get mismatched, causing more problems because the open flap is likely going to be facing the new back of the product. Inspections can reduce this problem.

Present Labels

Most production companies find that some of their bottles may be missing their labels entirely, which can cause some problems. First, you may produce multiple items, causing you to not know which product you have. Other times, you may not even notice until it is shipped and returned.

Detection of Dog-ear Labels

Dog-eared labels are a problem with many production companies. You are working at a high speed to get them all marked and sent to the stores, which can cause the labels to be placed improperly. This may not seem like a problem, but the labels could be torn off completely or become stuck to another product.


It is a fact that customers dislike it when labels aren’t affixed properly. This can include the labels being dog-eared, misaligned, the front being placed on the back and more. Whether you have wrap-around labels, front and back labels or just one on the front, it is important that it be aligned with the box properly to look its best, so customers want to purchase them.

Correct Labels

Missing information is the number one problem that most production companies face. Label inspection systems will ensure that your labels are correct from the top to the bottom. This can include spelling mistakes, mistaken dose amounts and other potential problems. This way, you don’t have to remake all the labels and go through the process again.


Cashiers and customers alike will thank you for taking the time to check labels for proper barcodes. It can be extremely annoying when the barcode is wrinkled, printed at a severe slope or missing from the product, which can also lead to traceability problems, rejected shipments and more.

Why Your Business Needs To Consider Defect Detection Systems

Defective products can cost people their lives, can cost the company who manufactured the items to be held liable and can be dangerous for business. Whether or not a person dies because of a defective item that you made is not the problem. Any product that doesn’t do what it is supposed to could hurt your company’s image. Therefore, it is important to ensure that every product works correctly before it leaves your facility. In order to check each product, it may be beneficial to use defect detection systems.

What It Is

The various options available in this system option is vast, but you should have some software and a reporting device. In many cases, this is a computer. The computer is set up with the software, which checks the items for defects. If an error is noticed, the computer may sound an alarm, shut down production, or just tell you of the problem so you can work towards fixing it.

Safeguard Your Business

Everything you have worked for and achieved is probably tied up with your business so if your business goes down, so do you. Therefore, it’s important to have safeguard practices in place to ensure that your company runs smoothly. This can include many things, but should include defect detection systems, which can protect you from lawsuits and other problems.

Stay Compliant

Almost every industry has specific compliance issues that must be upheld. This should include password protection, only allowing specific employees to deal with the software and more. You should offer specific protocols for situations, have appropriate systems and software to help reduce the risk of defects and problems. Make sure you and a few other trustworthy employees understand the compliance issues within your industry and follow them thoroughly.

Other Defects

Defects don’t just occur in or on your products. If you have a particular mixture for glass cleaner and you put too much of one ingredient or not enough of another, you have a defective product. If your containers are meant to be cylindrical, but they are coming out circular, you also have a defective product.

However, defects can also occur during the printing phase. It is important that chemicals be labeled appropriately with warnings and advice for poison control. Likewise, it is important that medications or supplements provide the right ingredients and dosing amounts. Any defects can cause severe problems, so it is important to find them immediately and fix them.

Email Verification


Ensuring superior product quality for pharmaceutical companies

When pharmaceutical companies put out a product, there is no room for error. All components must be according to the right specifications for standardized results. In order to help ensure that this takes place, it is necessary to have the right pharma inspection equipment. This equipment can be found by trusted online retailers who can provide the best, state of the art equipment available at competitive prices.

Accuracy in the face of high production speeds

With a growing demand for pharmaceutical products, manufacturers have had to increase their rate of production. This can unfortunately leave room for error as companies strive to fill orders at record breaking speeds. One of the most effective ways to maintain compliance across all batches is to use pharma inspection equipment during the manufacturing processes. This specialized equipment will help to regulate the batches being produced and will ensure a standard product quality for the pharma company.

Keeping patients safe

Just one patient mishap can be detrimental and can result in a personal injury or even wrongful death lawsuit. In order to avoid this unwanted situation, pharma inspection equipment must be utilized at all stages of manufacture. Keeping patients safe is the highest priority of any pharmaceutical company and this goal can be easily facilitated with the right pharma inspection equipment.

Choosing the best technology

Selecting the best pharma inspection technology can help safeguard your company from claims, protect patients, and prevent contamination. The supplier can provide you with the specs of their equipment so you can make the selection that is best suited to your production needs. The equipment will be available in various types including manual, semi-automated, and fully automated. Depending on the speed and regularity of production, you may need to select pharma inspection equipment that can keep up. The automated machines may prove best in yielding the fastest and most accurate results.

Superior product quality can be had with the right pharma inspection equipment. Choose your supplier wisely so you can be assured of using the most advanced equipment on the market. Get the results you need from quality equipment you can always rely on. You can be assured of safeguarding the quality of your materials by using the highest grade pharma inspection equipment available. Choose the best and enjoy supplying the highest quality products that will set you apart from the rest.

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