Guardian Inspection Systems®

Are the Guardian Systems right for my company?

The first step to defect-free runs is determining where a vision inspection system will best fit within your company's workflow. Many companies are looking for a catch-all solution that runs on the press, examining the entire web, all of the time. This is known as 100% inspection. The Guardian PQV and Guardian PQV Mini provide true 100% inspection for pharmaceutical applications, as well as applications across the entire printing industry. What's more, PC Industries' 100% inspection systems provide you with the security you need, creating encrypted, secure documentation of defect history and operator action. On the press, where performance, security, and simplicity are a concern, the Guardian PQV is the answer.

Off the press, the Guardian OLP will protect you from propagating defects on the press by catching them before they are even run. If your company has ever accepted a customer order, you're aware of the number of steps that must be done before a press run. Any one of these steps can introduce a large variety of time and money wasting errors. By protecting yourself with the Guardian OLP, you can catch and correct these errors before you even send the project to press. Additionally, the Guardian OLP can be used to verify product coming off the press, making sure that any errors introduced during printing will be caught before costing you more time and money.

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The Guardian LSI is PC Industries’ entry-level full web inspection solution. Designed for companies that don’t need to worry about tiny defects, this system provides everything needed for typical defect, missing label, and unremoved matrix detection. The system is perfect for growing companies, providing an affordable way to step up from sampling web viewers to full web inspection. If your company grows to have more demanding inspection requirements in the future, trade in the system for credit toward an upgrade.

The Guardian Mini is PC Industries' newest addition to the Guardian Vision Inspection Systems line. It offers the unique advantage of being a 100% customizable system, so you only purchase the features you need for your press or slitter/rewinder. Additional modules can also be purchased as needed.

This feature rich system proves time and time again to be one of the most versatile and reliable products on the market for 100% print inspection. The Guardian PQV provides true 100% print inspection for pharmaceutical, converting, label, flexo, wide, and narrow web applications. At home on any press or slitter/rewinder, the system provides unparalleled power and accuracy through defect detection, OCR/OCV, bar code grading and verification, dimensional gauging, and much more.

The Guardian Inspection System OLP model can automatically find and highlight differences in print quality from an approved master image. The Guardian OLP can compare a one-up electronic file or scan to a multi-up electronic file or scan. This system will detect printing defects such as missing or extra print, pre-press errors, plate defects and color variations.

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