RX Series

PC Industries first introduced their GRAPHIC-VISION® line of web viewers in 1992, with a focus on providing industrial quality web viewers at an economical price. These easy-to-use systems laid the groundwork for the RX100, RX200, and RX300 series products, which were developed over the next 10 years to provide the reliability and simplicity of use that the printing industry demanded. Today, PC Industries is still developing the RX Series Web Viewers capabilities to keep them at the forefront of the industry's demands.

The GRAPHIC-VISION® RX Series Web Viewers are perfect for companies who are looking for an economical solution for web inspection. The systems will help detect many of the defects that plague printing jobs, including mis-registration, streaks and hickeys. The standard high-resolution camera and flat screen monitor are included for ease of operator use. PC Industries also provides remote support with their systems for diagnostics and upgrades; our service to help keep you running, defect free.

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