Braille Inspection


With the importance of Braille in the European pharmaceutical market, the need for quality braille inspection in the pharmaceutical industry has increased. Our versatile systems offers 100% inspection for Braille runs on wide and narrow web applications.

The Guardian PQV and OLP systems track the location of each braille dot and compare them to a trained master, notifying you of any variations. The system is compatible with all Braille fonts, including Marburg Medium Braille. On the press, the Guardian PQV’s high-resolution cameras and defect logging software provide assurance that you will be shipping accurate, defect-free products to your customers with a complete audit trail to protect you from liability. The Guardian OLP provides the same level of protection off the press through the use of high quality flatbed or sheetfed scanners.

The Guardian PQV and Guardian OLP can detect the following defects: broken and missing dots, misplaced dots, dots that are too small or too large, and improper spacing between characters and lines.

Braille inspection is only one of the many features the Guardian PQV and the Guardian OLP have to offer. Contact us to learn more.

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