PDF Comparison


PDF Comparison allows you verify output from any step in the production process against customer approved PDF artwork.

The Guardian OLP will compare any production PDF or scan to the customer approved master. It is capable of detecting variations between the master file and the product, including missing or extra print, layout changes, and color variations. Simply load a production PDF file or scan a sample into the system, and you can perform the verification with only a few clicks. This feature allows you to move from pre-press to your press run faster, and protects you from liability caused by mistakes during the pre-press process.

During the Press Run
Once the customer approved PDF is loaded into the system, the Guardian OLP saves the job and all settings for use down press. This setup allows the operator to verify product coming off the press against the original master. Additionally, the PQV/OLP integrated system can perform this verification on the fly by pulling images for comparison during the press run. These features allow you to adjust the press for any errors that may have developed during the run.

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