Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro Feature Updates

    The GV-Spectro is More than Just Color Measurement and Reporting

    Color Measurement, Spectrophotometer

    Debuting in mid 2014, the Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro had a great reception in the industry as demand for inline and absolute color measurement is on the rise. Undergoing continuous development in those two years, there have been many new features introduced that have kept this system an industry leader in both performance and innovation. The GV-Spectro still offers the most accurate real-time color measurement and reporting available on the market. Paired with advanced, programmable positioning capabilities, the system is simply a staple for any printer looking for the most efficient way to get the most accurate color measurements from their press.

    The newest GV-Spectro has improved system performance and efficiency without impacting the bottom line. Along with improved hardware specifications, the system now offers dot gain measurement and tracking, off-line setup, job management, and higher speed capabilities.

    Spectrophotometer Screen ShotDot Gain Measurement and Tracking

    The GV-Spectro supports up to 50 dot gain measurements, which require measuring the substrate once, as well as a solid and tint of the same color.  A min and max value can be set and will be charted and displayed exactly like the ∆E and Density measurements.

    For more information on dot gain, click here

    Off-line Setup

    Graphic-Vision Spectro Offline Setup

    • Easily configure Step and Repeat image files (PDF/TIF/BMP) with up to 50 measurement points. Simply click and drag markers to the required areas.
    • Use the configured Step & Repeat file to automatically configure the Measurement Program. Note: Unique points are required in order to map the positions correctly.
    • Import CXF3 color library file containing the ‘standard’ color values & density for the measurement points, and easily link to the measurement position.
      • Default values can be set
      • ∆E & Density tolerances are configurable per position
      • If CXF3 color library is unavailable, manual input of ‘Standard’ color values & density can be used


    Job Management

    • Measurement data is saved in two formats: CXF3 & CSV.
      • CXF3 = Complete group or each measurement
      • CSV = Each color L.a.b, density & remission data.
    • Measurement data is time stamped and can be configured to save to a specific location.
    • Job Files store complete job information, including measurement positions, color values, and densities. They can be easily recalled for subsequent job runs:
      • Stored on the network and shared with multiple systems
      • Recalled for modifications to positions and color value

    High Speed

    up to 900fpm where sample color blocks of 10mm x 10mm or larger are available (I have no idea if this is right atm)

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