Guardian MINI Inspection Solution

    The Guardian MINI is one of PC Industries’ most versatile inspection solutions. This customizable system brings a wide range of capabilities perfect for special applications within the labeling, pharmaceutical, converting, and packaging industries.

    Customers have chosen the MINI for a wide variety of applications since its introduction to the PC Industries line of products in the summer of 2011. Click here to read about some of these unique applications, and to see how the Guardian MINI could be the inspection solution you’re looking for.

    Application 1: Tabletop Rewinder

    Tabletop rewinders are a popular choice for companies looking for fast, efficient, and easy-to-use rewind solutions. They offer a smaller footprint, quicker setup time, and lower cost than traditional rewinders. The Guardian MINI can be easily integrated onto any new or existing tabletop rewinder. It addresses the complications that have proven to be obstacles for other inspection systems, including issues with tension.

    The challenge of uneven web tension

    Tabletop rewinders pose a unique set of challenges for inspection due uneven tension across the roll. Uneven tension on the rewinder can cause the web to flutter, making it difficult to capture a clear image of the web with a standard inspection system.

    Specialized cameras and lighting reduce the effects of web flutter

    Several key features make the Guardian MINI Inspection System ideal for tabletop rewinder applications:

    • The camera can be easily mounted in a configuration customized to the application
    • The most effective combination of camera resolution and field of view (FOV) can be chosen based on applications, providing the best image quality at the best possible price
    • Specialized cameras and LED lighting compensate for web-flutter, capturing clean, accurate images from the web that would be impossible on a standard cameras.

    PC Industries tabletop installations have successful applications for the MINI. These installations were performed making only minor alterations to the tabletop rewinder itself, and helped eliminate the need to calibrate the system to achieve 100% inspection, or the expense of purchasing a horizontal or vertical rewinder.

    PC Industries provides full integration to control the deceleration and stop functions and additional idler rollers as required.

    Tabletop Rewinder, Sekisui
    Application 2: Focused Areas of Interest

    Not all printers or applications require 100% inspection of their entire web or sheet. The Guardian MINI provides an economical solution for 100% inspection of a smaller area of interest on a wider web or sheet.

    Typical application: The product contains variable data or other features in smaller areas of interest that need to be inspected. The accuracy of this print must be checked and logged.

    While 100% inspection is a typical requirement in packaging and pharmaceutical applications, not every application requires the entire web or sheet be inspected. In fact, attempting to inspect an entire web or sheet with only small areas of critical print can be a waste of both time and money.  100% inspection for the entire web or sheet will require more expensive cameras, more powerful computers, and may need to run at slower speeds.

    Focuses Area of InspectionFocused areas of interest provide inspection only where needed, and PDF reports are generated, detailing defects.

    Guardian MINI focused-area installations have been done using many FOV sizes, which are determined by application requirements. Higher speeds can be achieved with focused areas of inspection while maintaining 100% inspection within the FOV. This allows the web faster while still providing true 100% inspection for the area of interest. Additionally, on installations with mapping and enhanced PDF reporting capabilities, printers benefit from a complete, secure audit trail that details any discrepancy between printed and master image.


    Application 3: Packaging

    Packaging poses a large array of challenges when it comes to inspection. Because these special applications are so wide and varied, a versatile system is required to successfully inspect in this very demanding industry. The Guardian MINI is a highly adaptable system that is built to address typical issues that arise within the packaging industry

    The substrate is a special material that has proven to be a problem to inspect

    Materials used in the packaging industry are varied, and pose many unique challenges. Transparent films, foil, and plastic that stretches are just a few of the stumbling blocks that prevent some 100% inspection systems from doing their job. Higher resolutions cameras and specialized lighting are just a few of the tools to provide the required results

    Most recently, the Guardian MINI was used to provide 100% inspection for holographic features on a film substrate. This combination proved to be a difficult but not insurmountable challenge. With properly calibrated lighting and cameras, PC Industries was able to provide the quality control that the customer required.  Additionally, the MINI’s ability to perform dimensional measurement and gauging minimized issues caused by the substrate stretching.

    The Guardian MINI is one of PC Industries’ most versatile solutions. It is a modular inspection system that can be customized to the needs of each application, making it perfect for the applications described above, as well as a wide range of other applications in the pharmaceutical, packaging, label printing, converting, personal hygiene, healthcare, consumer electronics, and medical device industries.


    • 100% Print quality inspection and defect detection
    • 1D and 2D bar code decoding and ANSI/ISO grading
    • Optical character recognition and verification
    • Sequential number verification
    • Dimensional measurement and gauging
    • PDF Reporting
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant reporting and audit trail
    • Multiple FOV sizes are available to inspect different sized areas of interest
    •  Several cameras and camera resolutions are available to meet different defect size requirements



    • Label presence
    • Label flagging
    • Compare bar code to human readable data
    • Bottle fill level
    • Cap presence/skew
    • Date/time stamp
    • Safety seal inspection
    • Crimp inspection
    • Color matching
    • Case fill and package completeness
    • Lot tracking and verification
    • Insert/outsert/label/box matching
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