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Guardian OLP Integrated Machine

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Guardian PQV 100% Inspection System

  • Applications: For use in the packaging, pharmaceutical, converting, and label industries.

PC Industries’ Guardian PQV offers 100% inspection for any type of press. The system ships as a turnkey solution, featuring a small footprint for easy installation on any press, or it can be engineered for special applications such as wet-ink inspection. Additional modules can expand the capabilities of the PQV to include features such as PDF comparison, ANSI/ISO Bar Code Grading and Verification, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance, and more.

The Guardian PQV was designed to be both user friendly and powerful. New jobs can be set up in as little as 10 seconds, with multiple zone on the master, and independent settings for each zone. They system can also automatically correct for skew during set-up. 100% inspection continues interrupted during speed changes, and the operator is warned if the job begins to trend out-of-spec so they can correct press issues before they become defects.

The Guardian PQV detects a wide range of defects, including:

  • Missing, broken, or incorrect text
  • Color variations
  • Smears, smudges, streaks, and spots
  • Registration or other positional tolerance errors
  • Incorrect or poor quality bar codes

Defect Roll Mapping

PC Industries offers Defect Roll Mapping on the Guardian PQV 100% Print Quality Verification system. This flexible, reliable, and easy to use software is designed to help improve your bottom line by detecting defects (such as registration shift, color change, or missing periods) early in the process, allowing for corrective action, and providing a true count of defect free labels.

Defect Roll Mapping Benefits

  • Records defects by lane and footage for each press run
  • Operator can review, accept, or reject defects on the fly without stopping the press
  • Interfaces with a slitter/rewinder to automatically present defective labels to the operator for correction
  • Usable on any press or rewinder
  • Offers an extra level of quality control as an Editing Workstation, where an operator can review and edit the Defect Roll Map before it is sent to press.

Experts In

More features and capabilities than you can store in any folded carton, package in cleverly designed plastic pouches, or display behind gorgeous foil labels! Our versatile print quality control systems are perfect the solutions for your printing, packaging, and converting woes.

100% Print inspection and defect detection is a must on any press. Many companies make these systems, but Baldwin makes them right.

High quality, no compromise. These systems offer the specialized features needed for banknote and security inspection, including RFID and holographic inspection. Additionally, they provide a secure audit trail and full reporting capabilities.

Lots of lots? So many serials? Copious amounts of codes? Verify them all! These systems will check your data, give you reliable reports, and help you correct any errors, all without slowing the press.

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