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  • Info*FLEX was a great trade show again this year. It attracted nearly 2,000 visitors to Fort Worth to participate in the show and Info*FLEX Forum seminars. Over two days, professionals presented tools necessary to support successful package printing and converting operations, while benefiting from intensive networking and live demonstrations of running machinery.

    PCI showcased two of their popular products, the Guardian OLP and GV-Spectro. The Guardian OLP yielded great interest from visitors as it provides a complete off-line proofing and inspection solution that helps operators control even the smallest pre-press and pressroom mistakes.

    The GV-Spectro – an in-line absolute color measurement system – combines the advanced capabilities of a web viewer with a powerful spectrophotometer. It monitors the web and color values in-line, even at high speed.

    In addition to the presented products, many customers and visitors were interested in talking about PC Industries’ capabilities in higher level print inspection applications, including dimensional gauging and variable data verification.

    Jack and Gerry would like to thank all visitors who stopped by our booth, and we look forward to next year’s Info*FLEX in Phoenix, Arizona!

    We’re keeping up our busy year of attending shows, make sure to visit us at the following exhibitions!

    • Converters Expo, Green Bay, WI – April 13, 14 2016
    • Label Summit Latin America 2016, Cartagena, Colombia – April 26, 27 2016
    • Label Day, Toronto, Canada – May 10 2016
    • Label Expo Americas 2016, Chicago, USA – September 13, 14, 15 2016
  • Guardian OLP: KDV Label’s choice for narrow web Flexo printing


    KDV Label provides labeling solutions for markets such as consumer goods, beverage, food, chemical petroleum, and more. KDV has strict quality requirement when it comes to supplying their customers with labels.

    Defects can always happen in the pressroom. Preventive measures are the best way to protect a company from shipping labels with defects and having dissatisfied customers. KDV Label implemented PC Industries’ OLP Off-line proofing system to counter these issues at the source. For Nick Scharber, the Prepress Manager at KDV Label, “the system itself, ease of use, and access to the developers and support,” prompted them to partner with PC Industries. “After evaluating many inspection systems for our printed label products we chose PC Industries’ OLP system for our needs based off of the features, cost, and personnel. We have been using their OLP inspection system for over a year now and couldn’t be happier with our decision.”

    In preparing for the press run, the Guardian OLP is used to verify register and job sign-off. By comparing press samples to the customer-approved master, the system helps guarantee plate quality and print job integrity. As for ease of use, these inspections typically only take a few seconds to perform, and can be set up with only a few clicks, to assure no interruption in the production process.

    While a couple small issues arose, Nick recalls that these were taken care of within a day, accompanied by a very positive customer support experience, thanks to one of PC Industries’ engineers, Nick Baker. “Any struggles we had have been addressed quickly and we even have made specific requests for modifications within the software that were implemented by PC Industries,” says Nick Scharber.

    The Guardian OLP has become an efficient tool for KDV Label when inspecting their production, ensuring defect free labels to their customers.

    February 2016


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    PC Industries Acquires VSL

    PC Industries and Verification Systems Limited (VSL) have reached an agreement for PC Industries (USA) to acquire VSL (UK).

    Both companies are in the process of merging the companies, resources, and technologies.
    With their combined expertise and longevity, they will provide quality control systems with unparalleled inspection performance for demanding industries and applications world-wide. PC Industries and VSL endeavor to continuously expand their global network of distributors, representatives and support.
    The merger will also allow PC Industries to provide support and service to its European clients from the United Kingdom.

    PC Industries has been in business since 1975. Throughout the past 40 years, they have built a strong reputation through reliable, accurate, and powerful inspection systems and world-class customer support. They manufacture the widest range of print quality verification systems of any inspection system manufacturer.

    Verification Systems Limited (VSL) is one of the world’s leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of Inspection and Verification Systems for Security Print including bank notes, cheques, certificates, licenses, brand protection labels and stamps. The first of these systems were developed in 1976. Their staff has years of experience in providing and servicing simple to complex inspection solutions for variable printed data including serial numbering and barcodes.

  • PC Industries Announces the Newest Version of the Guardian LSI

    PC Industries’ Guardian LSI Full Web Inspection System will be presented for the first time at LabelExpo Brussels. Now featuring updated software, the Guardian LSI is PC Industries’ entry-level full web inspection solution. Designed for companies that don’t need to worry about tiny defects, this system provides everything needed for typical defect, missing label, and unremoved matrix detection.


    The Guardian LSI is perfect for growing companies, providing an affordable way to move up from sampling web viewers to full web inspection. For companies looking to upgrade further at a later date, the Guardian LSI is part of PC Industries’ trade-in program, which provides an easy way to step up from basic inspection to a more powerful, 100% inspection system like the Guardian PQV.


    To help showcase this system’s ease of use, we have developed an interactive walkthrough of this system and its newest features. If you would like to see this system in action, visit us at stand 7A47 at LabelExpo Brussels, or contact our sales representatives at


    PC Industries has been in business since 1975. Throughout the past 40 years, they have built a strong reputation through reliable, accurate, and powerful inspection systems and world-class customer support.  They manufacture the widest range of print quality verification systems of any inspection system manufacturer. Contact PC Industries today to learn more about the Guardian LSI Full Web Inspection System, as well as their entire line of print inspection solutions.

  • Variable Data and Quality Assurance in Digital Printing

    The challenger to a centuries old printing process, digital printing has become a staple in the printing industry, settling nicely into a niche that answers questions that traditional printing just can’t. Along with these answers, digital presses pose unique challenges in quality control and assurance that inspection system manufacturers have addressed with increasing efficiency in the past decade. Among these challenges are variations in print position on the sheet or roll, and the verification of variable printed data such as 1D and 2D bar and serial codes. Whether human readable or machine readable, accuracy is of the utmost importance.

    PC Industries has developed several solutions to tackle the unique demands of digital printing, including verification of variable data. Whether you need 100% inspection or only need to verify a single feature on a label, such as a 1D and 2D code or serial number, PC Industries delivers.


    The Guardian MINI offers customizable inspection that can be set to inspect only critical areas of interest, such as bar codes and serial numbers. This helps the printer save money on their inspection system by requiring a smaller area of view for the camera, and therefore less processing power. Every repeat of the code is inspected, and the results can be recorded to help create a secure audit trail.

    The Guardian PQV offers the same accuracy as the Guardian MINI, but is a full-featured solution for companies with more demanding needs. The system will inspect and record defects from the entire repeat, not just the smaller area of interest. Additionally, the system offers a suite of other capabilities, including bar code grading, defect roll mapping, dimensional measurement and gauging, and OCR/OCV. Like the MINI, the PQV also generates a defect report to help create a secure audit trail.

    To see how these and other PC Industries inspection solutions can help your business save money while printing better product, contact PC Industries today!

  • Introducing the Graphic-Vision GV-Spectro

    GV-Spectro- Spectrophotometer and Digital Web Viewer

    The Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro combines the power of absolute color measurement and reporting with the Graphic-Vision® Series Web Viewers’ already extensive list of capabilities. The system allows operators to program the camera’s path across and down the web, points of interest, and time to be spent at each region. This provides operators with an overview of job quality, allowing them to easily inspect the web while the spectrophotometer automatically inspects the color. The system alerts them when a color is trending out-of-spec so they can take corrective action.

    Who uses it:

    • Label and packaging printers who are concerned with meeting brand color specifications
    • Printers interested in color quality on artwork without the need to print color bars.
    • Companies that don’t require 100% inspection, but still need to monitor color on line.

    When it’s used:

    • To verify the color of logos and other brand assets with stringent color requirements
    • To assist in monitoring the web while it’s running at high speed
    • To monitor for any process errors that cause a job to run out-of-spec, such as mis-registration.

    How it works:

    The GV-Spectro captures high-resolution images from a web while it’s running, presenting them on a large monitor for the operator. This allows the operator to watch for the process errors and repeating defects that can ruin a job. The camera can be programmed to automatically scan through up to 50 points of interest. To do this, the operator simply positions the camera over the point with the included remote control, then sets that location and time to dwell at that location with only a couple of clicks.  Color measurements can be taken at any or all of these locations, allowing the operator to monitor multiple areas of interest, such as logos, graphics, or copy with ease. Readings from the spectrophotometer are displayed on an easy-to-understand interface called ChromaQA. This presents the delta E, density, and absolute color measurement reports in real time as it is pulled from the web.

    System Overview:

    The Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro combines the reliability and industrial capability of the GV500 Series web viewers with the power and accuracy of Techkon’s SpectroEDGE color measurement and reporting system.

    The GV-Spectro is designed to address the needs of companies subject to strict color printing requirements. It is perfect for printers who require more than just a simple web viewer but don’t quite need the power of a 100% inspection system.  Customers are increasingly demanding the best possible color accuracy from their printers, and the GV530-Spectro gives printers the tools they need to make sure they can deliver what their customers need.

    Integrated flawlessly into one easy-to-use system, the GV-Spectro provides unparalleled accuracy and speed in color measurement, performing up to 3,000 scans per second, and analyzing up to 31 spectral bands (from 400nm to 700nm) of color data. The system provides a real time report of both absolute and relative (∆E) color values. Calibration is automatic, minimizing the possibility of errors during inspection.

    The Graphic-Vision GV-Spectro comes standard with long life LED lighting, which provides consistent illumination across the web; advanced positioning options, including programmed positioning and combination positioning; a remote control for easy programming and control of camera positioning and zoom; 1D and 2D bar code decoding; and a 2 year warranty.

    PC Industries offers online demonstrations of all their systems, often using customer samples. If you would like to schedule a demonstration to see the GV-Spectro in action, call us at 1 847-336-3300, contact us using this form.

    Learn more about all of PC Industries products:

    Guardian PQV 100% Print Defect Detection | Guardian OLP Offline Proofing and Inspection System | Guardian MINI Customizable Inspection System | Guardian LSI Full Web Inspection System | Graphic-Vision® 500 Series Web Viewers | Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro | Register Control Systems | Repeat Length Monitors | Strobes and Accessories

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