Product and Specification Guarantees


    Product and Specification Guarantees

    While both Product and Specification guarantees are important to consider when purchasing an inspection system, these features can easily be overlooked. With the overwhelming amount of information to consider, including specifications and customer service, guarantees can be the last thing on your mind.

    On the next few pages, we’ll share with you why these guarantees are a critical factor to consider, and what you should expect from them.

    Product Guarantee

    A product guarantee is one of the most fundamental ways to make sure your investment is protected.  It helps ensure that the product lifetime will meet your expectations by offering repair solutions should problems arise. Each company that offers a product guarantee has their own terms for what is covered, so it’s important to make sure each company’s coverage is clear.

    Manufacturer’s Defects:

    Manufacturer’s defects are introduced during the manufacturing process. Most guarantees or warranties cover these kinds of defects.

    Wear and Tear:

    Products undergo wear and tear as a part of the normal day-to-day operation. While this is largely unavoidable, it shouldn’t compromise the functionality of the system for an extended period of time after installation, at earliest.

    Parts and Factory Labor:

    Typically, manufacturers will service their systems once returned to their factory. For covered systems, parts and labor costs are included under the warranty. Additionally, companies often offer on-site service calls for an extra cost. It’s important to know how long a manufacturer will be able to provide parts for your system. Look for a company that has a service track record of 10 years or longer.


    Typically, a product guarantee will cover a product for 1-2 years. Many companies offer you the ability to extend or expand this coverage for an additional cost.

    Service Arrangements:

    If the time does come for repairs, where will service be done? The most typical arrangement is to remove the system from the press and send it to the factory for repairs. Many companies also offer service arrangements as a part of their purchase agreements, where on-site service time can be purchased.

    Specification Guarantee:

    A specification guarantee assures that the system will perform to the specifications outlined in the purchase agreement. This can also be called a performance or satisfaction guarantee. Below are a few of the most important specifications that should be covered under any specification guarantee

    Minimum Defect Size:

    The smallest defect that the system will be able to detect. This is a function of the resolution of the camera and field of view. When comparing minimum defect size, be sure to note how it is expressed. Often, it is indicated by area (mm2), but this can be misleading. For example, a .0016mm2 defect can have measurements of .04mm x .04mm or .02mm x .08mm (among others), giving two very different minimum measurements.  To avoid confusion, both height and width should be stated (for example: .04mm x .04mm).

    Field of View: 

    This measurement is typically expressed in inches or millimeters, and indicates the physical size of the area being scanned by the camera. Example: 6” x 4.5” (150mm x 115mm)

    Minimum/Maximum Speed: 

    Systems can have speed restrictions due to many factors, including processing power of the computer, software limitations, and hardware limitations. Ideally, a system should be able to inspect from 0 to full press speeds, even during transitions, but not all systems can.

    For more information on these specifications, see January’s “Inspection System Specifications Explained.”

    A Specification Guarantee will be good for a given amount of time from installation. If the company you’re considering doesn’t offer a specification guarantee, be sure to consider what options you will have if the system doesn’t perform like you need. There can be a lot of downtime associated with the exchange or return of a product, and that translates to a loss of profit. A specification guarantee provides you with accurate performance information for the system you are purchasing, so you can make your decision with peace of mind.

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