MLS 400/ELS 400- Electronic Line Shaft

The PC Industries ELS 400/ MLS 400 allows for the continuous control of the registration of a print or die station to the web being processed. The relative positions of the web and print or die cylinders are continuously monitored through the use of high-resolution scanners. As soon as a deviation occurs between the position of the web and the print/die stations, the included registration adjust motors advance or retard the cylinder’s position in order to bring that station back in registration.

Available Features:

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Flexible: Each system can control 1 or 2 print, screen, or die stations. Systems can be set up in tandem to accommodate up to 16 stations.

Easy to Use: The systems run on a simple but powerful interface that allows the control of multiple stations from one computer. The Make Ready systems allow for quick and simple job set-up.

Powerful: The ELS 400/ MLS 400 allow for the control of print and die registration without the need for registration marks. They can be trained to any significant feature within the printed image or gutter. They also allow control of registration on pre-printed web (litho, gravure), or for reprinting on the same web.

Precision: High resolutions sensors allow the system to control registration accuracy to .0004” (.01032mm), based on a 8.125" web.

Applications: The ELS 400/ MLS 400 is suitable for any job that requires reprinting or printing on preprinted web, or where precise registration control is critical.

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