Guardian LSI – Essential Inspection- Full Web Inspection

The Guardian LSI is PC Industries’ entry-level full web inspection solution. Designed for companies that don’t need to worry about tiny defects, this system provides everything needed for typical defect, missing label, and unremoved matrix detection. The system is perfect for growing companies, providing an affordable way to step up from sampling web viewers to full web inspection. If your company grows to have more demanding inspection requirements in the future, trade in the system for credit toward an upgrade.

Available Features:

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The Guardian LSI is a full web inspection solution, designed to detect typical defects, missing labels, and unremoved matrix. The system is perfect for growing companies, providing an affordable way to step up from sampling web viewers to full web inspection. If you need to monitor the web for defects but don’t need advanced features such as defect rollmapping, barcode grading, or dimensional gauging, this is the system for you.

Who uses it:

  • Printers who are interested in a full web inspection solution, but don’t need to detect minute defects
  • Label printers, packaging printers, and converters
  • Any company for whom die-cutting is a part of the production process
  • Printers who need to ensure that quality is continuous and measurable

When it’s used:

  • On the press to detect or highlight die-cutting errors that leave unremoved matrix
  • On the press to detect and highlight typical print defects
  • On the press to detect or highlight missing labels
  • On an audit rewinder to automatically present any detected defects (missing labels, unremoved matrix, or other typical defects) for correction

The system easily is trained to a master image. Once the image is captured, the operator simply created an inspection box around the area to be inspected. This area can include die-cuts to check for bad cuts or unremoved matrix, individual labels to verify for presence, or images to check for proper color registration.

Once the master is trained, the system automatically inspects each inspection area across the web. Inspection can be done at any speed up to the specified maximum, and during speed changes. When it detects a defect, the defect image is sent to the Defect Queue, and the operator is notified. Additional outputs can be configured to trigger a marking system so the defects can be flagged for correction later, or to control a rewinder.

Any inspection system can help you reduce waste and liability, but not all inspection system providers are equal. Only PC Industries backs their systems with a performance guarantee and world-class customer support to make sure your system is working to specifications from day one, helping you maximize your ROI. For more information on what to look for in an inspection system provider, click here.

  • Helps operators correct errors that cause repeated defects and prevent a job from trending out-of-spec
  • Saves costly shortages and can help prevent re-prints needed to replace defective product
  • Helps prevent companies from shipping bad product and costly product returns

Full Web Defect Detection
Finds and highlights differences in print quality from a stored master image. Detects typical print defects, such as streaking, ink splashes and spots, haze, mis-registration, and filled or missed print.

Missing Label Detection
Automatically detects missing labels. Output controls can be set up to alert the operator or mark for correction. Sensitivity can be easily adjusted depending on the tolerances needed.

Unremoved Matrix Detection
Automatically detects unremoved matrix between labels. Output controls can be programmed to alert the operator or to mark for correction.

Defect Image Hold and Zoom
Allows the operator to view and magnify images of defective labels while the press is still running and more closely examine defective labels on a rewinder. Any additional defects detected while the operator is reviewing labels are stored in the buffer for later review.

Ease of Use
Easy to install and easy to train. Setting up an inspection job only takes a few clicks.

  Model LSI 330 Model LSI 460
Min. Defect Size 0.025 in (0.65 mm) 0.035 in (.90 mm)
Max Press Speed 300 ft/min (90 m/min) 400 ft/min (120 m/min)
Max Web Width 13 in (330 mm) 18 in (460 mm)
Max. Repeat 39.4 in (1 m) 39.4 in (1 m)
Trade-In Value 100% in the first year, 50% in the 2nd year
Power Supply 110/220V, 50/60Hz, includes external surge protection
Operating System Windows 7
Camera Type Line-scan camera
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