Guardian OLP – PDF Proofing and Off-Line Inspection- Off-Line Proofing System

The Guardian Inspection System OLP model can automatically find and highlight differences in print quality from an approved master image. The Guardian OLP can compare a one-up electronic file or scan to a multi-up electronic file or scan. This system will detect printing defects such as missing or extra print, pre-press errors, plate defects and color variations.

Available Features:

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  • Compare one-up, customer-approved master files to one-up or multi-up samples from any part of the production process.
  • Automatically corrects for skew, distortion, and size differences, allowing you to compare even when your files have different resolutions.
  • Inspect files in any language and any font, even braille


  • Capable of detecting a missing period on a 3 pt font.
  • Independent zones for background and copy to eliminate false defect notification.
  • High-resolution feed-through or flatbed scanners.
  • High performance industrial computer.


  • User-friendly software guides the operator step-by-step, from setting up to performing an inspection.
  • Simply load your approved master file or image, scan your print sample, and then start the inspection.
  • Areas that don’t need to be inspected can be masked out.
  • Save projects for later use, significantly reducing set-up time on future runs.
  • Automatically zooms on selected defects so the operator can review, accept, or reject each.


  • Offers FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
  • Generates a PDF report for each run that includes images of the master and each defect for comparison.
  • Generates a log of operator action.
  • Provides a complete audit trail for each inspection.
Pre-press Applications

  • Revision Control
  • Color Verification
  • Verify customer supplied artwork against modified, press-ready artwork
  • Verify one-up customer-approved artwork against stepped and repeated artwork
  • Provide secure reports verifying the accuracy of the production files
  • Optional barcode verification option assures that your barcodes decode properly
  • Audit trail
Press Room Applications

  • Press make ready / job signoff
  • First article of inspection
  • Plate quality and registration check
  • Revision check
  • Braille quality inspection
  • Optional: Barcode 1D / 2D grading
  • Optional: Barcode 1D / 2D verification
  • End of sheet, roll or batch quality check
  • Certificate of inspection report
  • Color verification

Incoming Inspection

  • Printed product revision check
  • Counterfeit product check
  • Verify product conformance

The Guardian OLP system provides early detection of errors, eliminating waste of valuable materials and press time.

Guardian OLP Standard Features

  • Verify against customer-approved artwork
  • Object-based inspection
  • Auto image alignment
  • Auto skew correction
  • Auto image find
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Usable with any fonts
  • Negative image or film and plate inspection
  • Fold and crease correction
  • Compares different size artworks
  • Integrates with PCI 100% Inspection Systems
  • Remote technical support and training
  • Full reporting and documentation
  • Defect classification

Guardian OLP Standard Options

  • ANSI/ISO bar codes grading
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Hand-held bar code reader job entry
  • Roll label printer


  • Improve Quality
  • Increase Speed
  • Reduce Waste
  • Minimize Liability

Defect these defects

  • Missing, filled-in and broken text
  • Print and die mis-register
  • Font substitution
  • Incorrect copy spacing and position
  • Defects in graphics areas: logos, vignettes and process printing
  • Color variation
  • Ink spots, smears and streaks
  • Incorrect or poor quality bar codes
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