GV-Spectro – Spectrophotometer and Advanced Web Viewer- Spectrophotometer and Digital Web Viewer

The Graphic-Vision® GV-Spectro combines the power of absolute color measurement and reporting with the Graphic-Vision® Series Web Viewers’ already extensive list of capabilities. The system allows operators to program the camera’s path across and down the web, points of interest, and time to be spent at each region. This provides operators with an overview of job quality, allowing them to easily inspect the web while the spectrophotometer automatically inspects the color. The system alerts them when a color is trending out-of-spec so they can take corrective action.

Available Features:

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The Graphic-Vision GV-Spectro delivers uncompromising color control and performance on press. As an integrated web viewer and inline spectrophotometer, this system stands out above the competition by offering second-to-none accuracy in inline color measurement with real-time reporting and an automated positioning system that eliminates the need for color bars. This means that printers can gain the benefit of accurate color measurement and reporting without having to alter existing artwork.

Who uses it:

  • Label and packaging printers who are concerned with meeting brand color specifications
  • Printers interested in color quality on artwork without the need to print color bars
  • Companies that don’t require 100% inspection, but still need to monitor production and color values on line

When it’s used:

  • To verify the color of logos and other brand assets with stringent color requirements
  • To assist in monitoring the web while it’s running at high speed
  • To monitor for any process errors that cause a job to run out-of-spec, such as mis-registration

The GV-Spectro captures high-resolution images from a web while it’s running, presenting them on a large monitor for the operator to view. This allows the operator to watch for the process errors and repeating defects that can ruin a job. The camera can be programmed to automatically scan through up to 50 points of interest. To do this, the operator simply positions the camera over the point with the included remote control, then captures that location with a single click of the included remote.

Color data can be taken at any or all of these locations, allowing the operator to monitor multiple areas of interest, such as logos, graphics, or copy with ease. Readings from the spectrophotometer are displayed on an easy-to-understand interface called ChromaQA. This interface allows the operator to manage color settings and tolerances for density, delta E, and dot gain readings, as well as get an overview of the pressrun. To set a target color value to measure against, the operator can use any color value, or import MIF, CXF, CXF3, TCB, and .INK format color libraries.

Color measurement reports are displayed in real time, as they are pulled from the web. Readings are charted over time so the operator can quickly get an overview of the job quality. This makes it easy to notice if a job is trending out-of-spec so the problem can be corrected before out-of-spec product is printed.

The Graphic-Vision GV-Spectro offers the unique benefit of being an integrated web-viewer and spectrophotometer.  With its small footprint and easy-to-use interface, you won’t have to worry about operators not using it because they find it cumbersome and frustrating. Additionally, by providing the ability to perform high-accuracy color inspection without color bars, the system will save you the headache of altering artwork to gain the benefit of color measurement.

Of course, all of PC Industries products are backed by world-class customer support and a performance guarantee that assures your systems will work just as expected once installed.

Multiple positioning options

  • Programmed Positioning: Operator can program up to 50 points-of- interest for the system to scan between, and set the time to be spent at each location
  • Automatic Lateral Scanning: Scans across the web automatically at a set speed, taking one image of the web per repeat.

Bar code decoding

  • Decodes most 1D linear bar codes and 2D type codes
  • Readable codes are displayed in green.

Ease of setup and use

  • Out of the box, the system fits easily on to most presses
  • The color measurement system self-calibrates, removing any room for error
  • The easy-to-use interface is designed around operator feedback.
  • Advanced camera positioning allows the system to automatically scan across the entire web or at points programmed by the operator
  • Camera is controlled with the included remote control or optional touch screen monitor.

The Spectroedge inline Scanning Spectrophotometer will

  • Check color uniformity across width
  • Monitor color during print run to compensate for variations over time
  • Measure in-image brand colors at any web location and keep them consistent

ChromaQA Color Quality Assurance Software

  • ChromaQA, the companion color quality assurance software provides printers with a powerful set of tools designed to monitor the color quality of the job on press and to reduce the number of remakes by detecting problems early in the print production process.

ChromaQA will allow users to

  • Set color tolerances. Users can set tolerances for Density, Delta E, and Dot Gain to provide immediate feedback on the performance of the job.
  • Monitor the press run in a variety of formats. Users can choose from single sheet snap shot, CIE Lab color, statistical reporting, and trending.
  • Manage color libraries. Import and export color libraries in a variety of formats including MIF, CXF, CXF3, TCB, and .INK

SpectroEDGE Technical Highlights

  • 3000 measurements per second with up to 1000 feet per minute press speeds
  • Non-contact measaurements with tolerance of +/- 0.5mm variation
  • 3x3mm measurement aperture with option for customized apertures
  • Standard 0/45° optical geometry and tungsten illumination
  • Embedded Linux with ethernet connectivity and control signal communication
  • Physically and thermally ruggedized design to withstand operation envirionment
  • Desktop software for quality control and trend reports
  • Color measurement: L*a*b, LCH, status T&E denisities.
  • Measurements in 31 spectral bands

Graphic-Vision®GV-Spectro Specifications

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Software Options: Image flip, image save, barcode decoding
  • Camera Options: Extended fields of view, higher resolution camera, synchronized and independentdual camera configuration, remote control positioning
  • Flashes / Minute: 300 standard
  • Scan type: Programmed Positioning and Combination Positioning with traversing arm
  • Max Press Speed: Standard:1000 FPM / 304 MPM. Faster speeds available for some jobs
  • Compatible With: Presses, inkjet, thermal transfer printers, and packaging and converting machinery
  • Power Supply: 110/220V, 50/60Hz, includes external surge protection
  • Support and Warranty: Remote support available via internet and phone, 2 year warranty on camera
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