RC 400- Automatic Register Control

The RC400 provides registration control for print, screen, and die applications. The system uses high-resolution optical scanners to monitor the relative positions of the cylinder and web for registration error caused by slippage, tension changes, roll changes, and other momentary upsets. When a registration error is detected, the system outputs a signal to advance or retard the cylinder’s position, bringing the station back in registration.

Available Features:

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Flexible: Each RC system can control 1 to 8 print, screen, or die stations, and can be set up in tandem to accommodate up to 16 stations total.
Easy to Use: The RC runs on a simple but powerful interface that allows the control of multiple stations from one computer. The Make Ready systems allow for quick and simple job set-up.

Powerful: The system allows for the control of print and die registration on jobs with or without registration marks. It can be trained to any significant feature within the printed image or gutter.

Precision: High resolutions sensors provide a resolution of up to .0008”*.

Applications: The RC400 is ideal for single-pass operations without accumulating repeat error. The system accomodates presses with 360º running register, or with limited travel correction capabilities.

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