RX Web Viewers

The GRAPHIC-VISION® RX SERIES are economical, easy to operate digital web viewer systems equipped with a manual or motorized lateral traverse. The systems acquire high-resolution digital color pictures of a moving web and display the image in real-time on a computer monitor. The operator can zoom in and out and control the position of the camera with the easy to use remote control.

RX100- Manual Traverse | RX200- Motorized Traverse | RX300- Sampling Defect Detection


The Guardian Inspection Systems provide print quality inspection for both on-line and off-line verification.

OLP- Off-Line Proofing System | PQV- 100% Print Quality Verification | Guardian PQV Mini

Code Tracker

The Code Tracker Systems are affordable, easy to operate bar code verifier systems equipped with an encoder and high speed scanner. The software can recognize and decode most linear bar codes and verify that the code is the correct match for each label. It can also perform sequential numbering checks, duplicate label checks, or missing label checks. Multiple heads can be strung across the web.

CT200- High Speed Bar Code Reading | CT300- ANSI/ISO Bar Code Verification

Strobes and Accessories

Register Control and Repeat Length Monitors

ELS400 Electronic Line Shaft

LM200 Repeat Length Measurement

MLS400 Registration Control

RC400 Registration Control

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Systems whose functionality has either been replaced by or migrated to newer systems.

Viper | CT400 | GV/GX Series Analog Web Viewers

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