True Label Inc. – Jeremy Michael, Production Supervisor

    True Label Inc. currently runs 2 Guardian PQV Systems as well as a Rollmapping workstation. We were recently pleased to speak with Jeremy Michael, True Label’s production supervisor, about his experience with PC Industries and our Guardian PQV. We asked him to comment of a variety of topics concerning the systems that they are running, and the following are his unedited responses.

    Ease of operator use
    Even out of the box, the PQV system is very operator friendly. The system is also very customizable so we were able to add and remove items to make it even more operator friendly for our team.

    Time to setup new jobs
    Set up time is unmatched. We are able to set up a “NEW” job in less than 5 minutes. “Re-run” jobs are up and running with a couple clicks of the mouse. With the system’s ability to store master images, we are able to us a QA approved master image from run to run. This has drastically reduced set up times as well as quality issues due to bad master images.

    Detecting defects
    We have used other “100% inspection systems” in the past, and now with the PQV system, for the first time we truly feel we are getting 100% Inspection 100% of the time. We validate our system on a regular basis and have not found any instances of a missed “true” defect. We are able to easily set up the system to allow variations in our print that we have deemed acceptable to our customer standards. This helps in making the operators WANT to use the system because they don’t have to watch the red light go off constantly for “false” defects.

    Ignoring false and acceptable defects
    The system is very easy to dial in the sensitivities to allow for acceptable variation in print. Being able to set up different “areas of interest” on 1 label allows the system to inspect at different sensitivities. This has allowed us to lower sensitivities on certain problem areas of a label without masking out the spot which is what we were forced to do in the past.

    Reducing waste
    We have seen a significant reduction in waste with the implementation of the PQV system. Setting up a master image is not only quick, but it uses very little material. We have not had any jobs rejected due to missed defects, like we had in the past with our previous system. The ease of use has made the operators WANT to use the system which has helped in making sure any defects are found and fixed right away. We used to only use our previous inspection system on longer run jobs, because the amount of set up time and waste to set up a master image was too much to justify. Those jobs then were run with just the operator using visual inspection. The PQV system gets used on ALL jobs, because it doesn’t make sense not to use it.

    Improving production efficiency
    Production has been improved in multiple areas of our process including; Press operation, Auditing, and Rewinding. The press operators are able to get jobs up and running faster, the auditors are able to edit rolls faster because the number of false errors has been reduced, and the Rewinders are able to rewind faster because of the systems accuracy of placing defects.

    Software features and technology
    We are very happy with the features on the PQV system. PC Industries is using up to date technology to provide a fast and accurate system.

    Technical support
    In the time that we have had the PQV system, there has never been a moment where I was not able to speak with someone that can solve my problem. The tech support team at PC Industries is one of the main reasons we bought a 2nd system, and will buy a 3rd. They take pride in their work and stand behind their product.

    Implementing software features and improvement suggestions
    PC Industries has been very open to any ideas we have for improvement. They have spent countless hours listening to our ideas and testing them and even implementing some of them.

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