Variable Data and Quality Assurance in Digital Printing

    Variable Data and Quality Assurance in Digital Printing

    The challenger to a centuries old printing process, digital printing has become a staple in the printing industry, settling nicely into a niche that answers questions that traditional printing just can’t. Along with these answers, digital presses pose unique challenges in quality control and assurance that inspection system manufacturers have addressed with increasing efficiency in the past decade. Among these challenges are variations in print position on the sheet or roll, and the verification of variable printed data such as 1D and 2D bar and serial codes. Whether human readable or machine readable, accuracy is of the utmost importance.

    PC Industries has developed several solutions to tackle the unique demands of digital printing, including verification of variable data. Whether you need 100% inspection or only need to verify a single feature on a label, such as a 1D and 2D code or serial number, PC Industries delivers.


    The Guardian MINI offers customizable inspection that can be set to inspect only critical areas of interest, such as bar codes and serial numbers. This helps the printer save money on their inspection system by requiring a smaller area of view for the camera, and therefore less processing power. Every repeat of the code is inspected, and the results can be recorded to help create a secure audit trail.

    The Guardian PQV offers the same accuracy as the Guardian MINI, but is a full-featured solution for companies with more demanding needs. The system will inspect and record defects from the entire repeat, not just the smaller area of interest. Additionally, the system offers a suite of other capabilities, including bar code grading, defect roll mapping, dimensional measurement and gauging, and OCR/OCV. Like the MINI, the PQV also generates a defect report to help create a secure audit trail.

    To see how these and other PC Industries inspection solutions can help your business save money while printing better product, contact PC Industries today!

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