Why You Need A Printing Inspection System

    If you own a business that prints anything for their company, you need a printing inspection system. Most companies will print items in bulk to save time and money and will likely have their own printers. Most people think that after printing out the initial copy and proofreading it, they should be able to print out as many as they need without checking any others. However, this can be problematic, especially if you are using an offset print method, where the image is transferred from plates to rubber blankets before being printed onto the surface of your choosing.

    QA and QC

    Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures are a necessary part of any business or industry. These procedures will typically include manuals that are meant to be used for every aspect of the manufacturing process. They can also be used to trace the problem back to its source, making it easy to find broken equipment.

    Offset print options can be helpful for companies, but the ink has to be placed on the web correctly. It should also be noted that the printing press will be working at high speeds, meaning there could be more room for mistakes over time. An inspection system can help you so that you or another employee isn’t standing there checking every page for errors.


    These inspections rely on cameras within the press that are computer controlled. Any problems are instantly noted and relayed back to you or another trusted employee. The software can also be used to make decisions on how best to fix the problem, including warning you or other employees, shutting down the process or something else.

    How To Find

    When searching out this type of system and technology, it is important to understand that not all systems are created equal. Some are more accurate when the press is running slower or doing smaller batches while others are most accurate when the press is going at full speed. The software will typically offer various features, as well, making it important to pay attention to the details.

    If your inspections aren’t high quality, you run the risk of getting inconsistent results, so it is important to find something that will fit your needs.

    While it can be tempting to stick with manual inspections, a computerized system may be more beneficial, as your employees can work on more important tasks.

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